12 facts you might not know about mobile in Malaysia

  1. Mobile penetration in Malaysia is higher than Indonesia, United States and world’s average

  2. 77% of mobile subscriptions in Malaysia are pre-paid

  3. Smartphone penetration in Malaysia is now 51%

  4. 42% smartphone users have made a purchase via their phone

  5. Smartphone is most used in the middle of the research phase

  6. 74% play games on their phone

  7. 35% access the Internet only via a smartphone

  8. Smartphone is most used at home, compared to at work and on the go

  9. Smartphone is most used together with music

  10. 13 million Malaysians are actively using mobile to access social media

  11. More Malaysians are accessing Facebook via mobile

  12. There are more than 10 million LINE users in Malaysia

Source: http://www.ecommercemilo.com/2014/09/12-facts-mobile-malaysia.html