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Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

We are Digital Marketing Agency in malaysia and provide seo, creative support, digital campaign, ads management, KOL management, EDM and google adwords for all digital marketing needs.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (also known as SMM) focus on using social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn to build relationships with customer and then send them to your website, products and services. SMM offers a more precise targeting (age, gender, occupation, interests) of customers.

Ui / Ux Web Design & Development

We provide User-friendly & user experience web design & development. Customize using wordpress or fully html5 design development, whether you want high security, SSL installation, or a start up business where only need a simple website set up for your investors or brand awareness, we are there to advise & help according to your business scale.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of strategies that are used to increase page rank and visibility of website on search engines and possibly increase the traffic to the website when it appears in search results from search engines such as Google, Microsoft Bing or Yahoo Search. A good website optimization exercise uses the content of your website to run a link building campaign, as a result improved rankings for your website.

Influencer Marketing

It is specifically designed for busy e-commerce owners who wants to increase their repeat sales. On top of that growing their loyal customers for better mobile engagement.


Google AdWords

Google adwords is 1 of digital marketing strategy that places your website on Search Engine Results Page. For every click to your website, charges will be implement per click basis. Pay per click advertising is similar to search engine marketing. However depending on industry, it can bring significant traffics & leads if your product & services price correctly.  Effective PPC campaigns help a website get visibility on the search engine results page.

We specialize in analysis and optimize ads. We had successful case where we achieve the same result for client but reduce cost by 30% compare to the previous agency.

Electronic Direct Mail (Newsletter)

Email Marketing is one of the most effective channels. In brief once your customers have given you permission to contact them, you can email them at any time. Your infos should provide value, and increase chances for them to buy when the time is right.