edm marketing

EDM Marketing

Send your message out to your customers with an effective eCampaign!

What is EDM Marketing?



What is EDM marketing? One of the best ways to get return clients back to your website is with Newsletter Campaigns. Whatever you call it, EDM (Electronic/Email Direct Marketing), eCampaigns, eNews or Email Marketing, the essential nature is sending and receiving well designed marketing emails direct to your customers.

An EDM on the other hand is a much more lengthy process and involves more than just email communication. An EDM utilises multiple forms of communication to relay and reinforce the campaign message. This can be done through Remarketing Advertising, PPC Campaigns, Social Media and Offline Advertising



Why my company need EDM and why is it important? Email marketing represents the ultimate in consumer convenience, with instant access to your news, updates, specials or new products, and has risen to become the most popular internet marketing strategy of recent times.

As email is now easily accessible by iphones, smartphones and mobiles, EDM campaigns are the easiest, and often the most cost-effective, overlooked and underestimated methods of delivering product and service news and information directly to your client base. After all, some clients may prefer to receive news via email rather than by manually checking your website and social networks.



When should I send the email? Another thing worth testing with your next email campaign is the best time to send for your particular audience. While there are guidelines available about the best hour of day and also the best day of the week to send emails, it’s not generally the same between industries.

The best thing to do is to conduct your own email campaigns and take time to review the analytics. This will give you the best indication of when and what device your customers prefer to receive your information.

What Kind of EDM Most Effective?

The type of email you send really depends on what you want customers to do. Do you want them to buy something or are you just trying to strengthen your relationship? Here are a few ideas for your next email campaign, split by eCommerce and non-eCommerce deliverables:


  • Special offers
  • New arrivals/product launches
  • “We miss you”
  • Holiday specials
  • Re-orders
  • Sale reminders


  • Company newsletters
  • Industry news
  • “Welcome”
  • Testimonials/case studies
  • Tips & advice
  • Event information